The How’s and Whys of Effective K-5 Math Instruction

Sue O’Connell   |   Date: June 20, 2023   |   Cost: $195pp

8:00-8:30 Registration | 8:30-3:30 Workshop

Lunch will be provided as part of the workshop registration fee.

BBB Educational Enterprises, Inc.
5511 Hwy 280 Suite 304  |  Birmingham, AL 35242

Session objectives:

  • To explore the how and why of the Mathematical Practice Standards and their impact on daily math instruction
  • To explore instructional strategies that build mathematical understanding
  • To examine ways to build a strong foundation at the K-5 level to support students as they explore mathematics beyond the elementary grades
  • To delve into resources that enhance teachers’ instructional practice
  • ideas for designing simple investigations to prompt students’ thinking
  • strategies to help students visualize math skills and concepts
  • ways to get students talking about their math thinking
  • ideas for teaching through context to engage students and make math meaningful
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About Sue O-Connell:

Sue O’Connell has years of experience supporting teachers in making sense of mathematics and effectively shifting how they teach. Sue’s background as a former elementary teacher, math coach, and school improvement specialist is evident throughout her work as she unpacks best practices in a clear, practical, and upbeat way. She is the lead author for Heinemann’s Math in Practice series, as well as their Math by the Book series and is also the author of numerous other books that support the teaching of K-5 mathematics. She is a frequent speaker at state and national math conferences and is Director of Quality Teacher Development LLC, providing on-site professional development for schools and school districts across the country.

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