The Science of Reading Progresses

Thursday, October 26, 2023  |  8:30-3:00

BBB Educational Enterprises, Inc. | 5511 Hwy 280 | Suite 304 | Birmingham, AL 35242

$150.00 per person

Researchers publish studies to encourage further research. The science of reading is an interdisciplinary body of research that is ever-changing and self-correcting. In the session, participants will deepen their understanding of the most well-known research, The Simple View of Reading (1986) and Scarborough’s Rope (2001). In addition, participants will take a deep dive into the study published in 2021 by Nell Duke and Kelly Cartwright, The Science of Reading Progresses: Communicating Advances Beyond the Simple View of Reading. Let’s get familiar with The Active View of Reading and work together to translate the science into classroom practice. Don’t miss this engaging and collaborative opportunity to grow with the science!


About the Presenters

Kristy Kueber-Pope served as a teacher, instructional coach, program manager for school implementation and assessment, and school improvement and literacy specialist. Her career has taken her from the local school level to the state level serving in Cobb County schools, the Georgia Department of Education, and in school effectiveness at the Metro Regional Educational Service Agency. Kristy earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and Master of Education degree from the University of Florida and an Educational Specialist degree in Administration and Supervision from Lincoln Memorial University. Kristy has a range of experience in designing professional learning for a range of audiences, including teachers, coaches, principals, and district level staff. Her experience at the state level offers a high-level perspective for designing and implementing successful large-scale initiatives. Kristy worked collaboratively to design, coordinate, and implement the Growing Readers implementation grant, funded by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement. Kristy also serves as a school board member for a state charter school in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kathy Matthews is currently an educational consultant serving schools, districts, & states in training, coaching & support for teachers, coaches, and leaders. Kathy has a long history in professional learning for educators, from teaching endorsements at RESA, leading the professional learning department at the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE), providing professional learning for school improvement staff members, and designing and implementing professional learning for teachers and leaders at Metropolitan Regional Educational Service Agency. Kathy earned a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from Berry College and a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Berry College. With teaching experience in first and fourth grades, she became a Literacy Coach for teachers in grades three through six. During her tenure as a Literacy Coach, Kathy became a nationally certified literacy trainer with the National Council on Economics and Education. As a leader of professional learning, she worked collaboratively to develop, design, and implement high-quality professional learning content for teachers, principals, and district leaders. In 2012, she began her work at the Metropolitan Regional Educational Service Agency where she worked collaboratively with the RESA network to design and implement the Growing Readers Project funded by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement. Kathy served as the project manager for Growing Readers facilitating the implementation of the grant. Her work is grounded in the latest and continually evolves as science reveals more about how children learn to read. Her experience with large-scale implementation provides a unique perspective as she supports state agencies and districts.

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