Teacher Clarity & Alabama’s Mathematics Course of Study

Teacher Clarity & Alabama’s Mathematics Course of Study

This professional learning workshop is designed for a diverse audience of teachers, instructional coaches, and district/building leaders. Workshop content is applicable to participants unfamiliar with the teacher clarity process as well as participants who may have been engaged with clarity work for several years. All participants will leave with sharper insight into academic standards and how to improve their current approach to intentional planning and instruction to increase student academic outcomes.

Workshop Overview
Join us for a two-day deep dive into teacher clarity through the lens of Alabama’s Mathematics Course of Study. According to John Hattie’s research, teacher clarity is one of the most impactful components of a highly effective classroom. In today’s educational climate, it is more important than ever for teachers to have a solid and thorough understanding of their academic standards… and for any initiative, program, or instructional approach within a school to work with success, a strong foundation of professional knowledge and practice regarding academic standards must be in place first.

DAY 1: Our Day 1 workshop focuses on the teacher clarity approach to analyzing the design of standards and creating clear and targeted learning progressions, learning intentions, success criteria, and points of relevance.

DAY 2: Day 2 leans into creating meaningful learning experiences to ensure that considerations for the Alabama Numeracy Act and diverse student needs are considered to appropriately plan for instruction. Ample time is given during the workshop to engage directly in clarity work with standards in grade level groups, in vertical groups, and with others from your district.

OVERALL GOAL: The overall goal of this two-day session is to build an awareness of leveraging the teacher clarity process to improve teachers’ professional knowledge and develop their professional practice to increase student academic
outcomes. Our team will leverage the required texts below to help attendees understand how to utilize these texts with local professional learning initiatives focused on teacher clarity work.

Date & Time:
May 2-3, 2024
9:00am – 3:00pm

BBB Educational Enterprises
5511 Hwy 280 Suite 304
Birmingham, AL 35242

Cost and Additional Information:

• $300 per an attendee without book set
• $349.95 per an attendee with the books.
• A catered lunch will be provided on both days.
• The start time for both days is 9:00am and we will conclude both days at 3:00.
• Open to educators and leaders from all K-12 settings.

Required texts for attendees:

  • The Success Criteria Playbook
  • The Teacher Clarity Playbook

If you have these texts, please bring them. If you don’t, you can order through us within your registration for $49.95 for the two-book bundle.

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