Alabama Summer Institute Workshops (June 10-13 & July 22-25)

Greystone Park
5511 Highway 280
Suite 312
Birmingham, AL 35242

All sessions will be from 8:30-3:00 with one hour for lunch (on your own).

June 10th- Assessing Readers – Using Texts Appropriately- Benchmark Assessment System
The Benchmark Assessment System is instrumental in determining a student’s independent, and instructional reading levels.  This session will be an overview of BAS, including the administration of BAS, coding, comprehension conversation and scoring/analysis.  In addition, we will discuss the power of using running records to inform instruction, the Fountas and Pinnell text gradient, and using the Systems of Strategic Action to raise the level of questioning within our classrooms.

June 11th-LLI (Leveled Literacy Intervention)
LLI is a short term, supplementary, small group literacy intervention designed to help struggling readers achieve grade-level competency.  This session will  an overview of LLI (Leveled Literacy Intervention) to include the lesson structure, schedule, materials, assessments, and online resources.

June 12th-Achieving Reading Goals Through Interactive Read Alouds and Independent Reading
This session will guide teachers and coaches in developing instructional goals in Interactive Reading and Independent Reading.  Participants will collaboratively plan interactive Read Alouds and use think alouds to demonstrate how good readers think about texts.  Key aspects of setting up and managing a classroom library as well as conferring with students to encourage the love of reading will be presented.  Resources referenced will be The Five Essential Elements of Reading Instruction, The LiteracyContinuum and A Teacher’s Guide to Reading Conferences.

June 13th – Analyzing Powerful Small Group Instruction: Guided Reading
Guided Reading is powerful, small group instruction that can accelerate reading growth while bridging the gap between the interactive read aloud and independent reading.  During this session, participants will experience the clear connection between assessment data and forming groups.  In addition, participants will explore guided reading using the why, how and what lens in order to create concise guided reading lessons.

July 22nd- Supporting ELL Students in Reading
Explore a powerful teaching method known as guided reading and discuss how you can use it to help your ELL students become independent readers.  During this workshop we will dive into best practices in literacy instruction for English language learners (ELLs) through meaningful texts, while adapting small group guided lesson plans to meet the needs for our ELLs.

July 23rd-  Planning Writing Within a Balanced Literacy Framework
In this professional development session, participants will use The Literacy Continuum and Writing Strategies to determine goals and strategies for lessons within a balanced literacy framework.  Participants will understand the difference between goals and strategies and determine appropriate goals for instruction based on student needs.

 July 24th-  Phonics Units of Study: Engaging, Authentic Instruction that Transfers
This session will include an overview of Phonics Units of Study to include the phonics workshop structure, schedule, materials, small group work assessments, and online resources.

July 25th-  Looking Through the Eyes of a Writer (Units of Study-Writing)
This workshop will be power-packed as we explore the world of proficient writers.  We will learn how to develop stronger writers by using the Units of Study for Writing.  We will zoom in on assessments, small groups and conferring and learn how to use student writing samples to determine the next instructional steps to move each writer forward.